Thrift projects is an evolving platform that experiments with style as an expression of self through the medium of art and design.

We collect and sell clothing and objects, through which we seek to share stories and start conversations within and outside the context of style.

discovery through seeking & experimentation

there’s something profoundly intimate about what we choose to wear and how we decide to physically represent ourselves. most times, it’s deeply rooted in our understanding of who we are, how we feel, and what we believe is the best expression of our self or who we are becoming.

asides that, we’ve come to understand that the only way to navigate on this journey of self-discovery is to seek, trust and experiment. The act of thrifting, essentially, feeds into this practice of seeking, where we meticulously search through piles and racks to find our ‘treasures’.

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on self - seeking

using capsules, we take a step further from style to confront kind and unkind truths; exploring and understanding the many layers of these truths in respect to our self — realities? reality ourselves?.

on style - conversation

through dialogue and stories, we address the idea of personal style as a physical manifestation of self, and how our evolution and improved self understanding affects what we choose to wear and how we we speak through our appearance.

on expression - exhibition

we design exhibitions as a way of projecting ideas into physical space. it also serves as a means to sell clothing and objects we've collected throughout the year. at the core of these exhibitions are spatial experiments that serve as a medium of expression and storytelling.