Think of a wardrobe cleanse as the practice of re-evaluating the things you own, assessing pieces you love, actually wear, and what once served you well but no longer does.

This is a call to eliminate the things that don’t feel very ‘you’, to create space for a wardrobe that’s more in tune with who you’re becoming.


be honest, you won’t ever wear that piece again, its time to let it go!



The first thing you should know is that we place value on interesting pieces in great condition.

Secondly, cleanliness is important, we implore you to properly launder the pieces you intend to sell before our appointment.

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We prefer to physically review every item we sell. To make this possible, we are open to meeting up in Lagos at the following locations: Ikoyi, Lekki, Surulere, Victoria Island, and Yaba, on weekdays between 11am and 6pm.


We don’t place emphasis on labels, as we typically collect everything from high street to designer, vintage to modern brands. If we love it, we’ll take it.

After looking through your items, piece by piece, we’ll decide what to buy and make you an offer which you can either accept, negotiate or refuse.


After summing up the prices of all the items selected, we pay you 60% of the total. If you feel your items are being undervalued, please speak up and we can renegotiate.

We value and price pieces based on quality and perceived worth.


By booking an appointment, you agree to the terms stated above.