Wardrobe Fatigue


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There's no simple way to explain the feeling of wardrobe fatigue. I know, because I've made countless attempts at writing this, and each time I revisit my drafts, I feel the need to start again from scratch.

What I also know is that recently, I've developed a certain kind of intolerance for clothes that have no business being in my wardrobe. I've become so obsessed with owning less, that the second I spot something I no longer need or use, I take it out and give it away. No sentiments whatsoever. 

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Somehow, this act of relentlessly purging has become a ritual. A side effect / byproduct of wardrobe fatigue.

The thing is,I don't know how I managed to accumulate so much without really noticing, but I remember exactly when I got tired.

It was in 2014. I opened my wardrobe one morning, and I just couldn't stand it. I owned piles of clothes that had'nt been worn in ages, a couple that were borrowed but never returned, and a stash of impulse buys that reminded me of bad investments and money wasted. That was the first time I actively thought about decluttering.

I was tired.

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I started to realize why I always felt like there was nothing to wear, or how I rarely felt like myself even when wearing the clothes that were mine.

The good thing is that reaching that breaking point served as a catalyst for what has evolved into Thrift Projects, so I can't really complain. And in fact, I'm having a good time editing my wardrobe and curating pieces that resonate with the person I'm becoming.